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sim_probe: Simulation of ridge lift in Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX)


Ridge lift in FSX - The basic idea

Using the FSX programmable API called simconnect, sim_probe can sample the terrain around the users aircraft and with the prevailing wind calculate the appropriate lift factor to apply to the user aircraft.

The end result is continuously variable highly detailed lift and sink affecting the user aircraft increasing the reality of the user experience. For ridge-soaring flights in gliders the sense of the lift within the flight simulator is almost tactile.

Technical paper

Link to paper Abstract

By sampling the ground elevation of the terrain in a windward direction relative to the current position of the user aircraft, an appropriate value of applicable topographic lift can be calculated. The technique is highly efficient for flight simulator use as only the lift at the current location of the user aircraft needs to be calculated. With a small number of ground elevation sample points, highly detailed topographic lift can be simulated.


This is an add-on for CumulusX! that calculates ridge lift and feeds it into FSX

download sim_probe 3.00 here.

For use in producing ridge lift in FSX, sim_probe is designed to be used in conjunction with CumulusX!

download CumulusX! from Peter Lürkens.