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Mifflin area fsgenesis landclass before/after comparisons

The freeware Mifflin Soaring Competition Missions for FSX have soaring pilots flying the Appalacian ridges, and the default FSX landscape places an abundance of trees in the vast area. It is possible to get a much improved landscape for minimal outlay by using the FSGenesis landclass, illustrated below.

FSGenesis landclass is a 2.7MB download costing $16.95 from

Move mouse over image for fsgenesis landclass

The initial image is FSX default, and when you move the mouse over the image you will see the FSGenesis version. I decided the images don't need any comment...

Mifflin looking SW

mifflin looking SW.jpg

Mifflin looking NE

mifflin looking NE.jpg

Mifflin looking NW

mifflin looking SW.jpg

Three Barns looking E

three barns looking E.jpg

Mahantango looking E

mahantango looking E.jpg

Hawk Mountain looking NE

hawk mtn looking NE.jpg

Water Gap looking NE

water gap looking NE.jpg