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This page lists sources for downloadable addon FSX gliders.


The most important link: Wolfgang Piper's homepage

Summary link to original download cache copy on this site
ASH 25
Wolfgang Piper/B21
Incrementally moving sim glider design forward, this open-class 26-meter wingspan glider has flexible wings with a new wingflex 'formula' that includes the effect of water ballast and an on-ground wingtip, as well as the normal flying speed and G-loading affects. The glider has a choice of 'B21' or CAISET instrument sets. The glider performance has been very carefully designed throughout the speed range, with positive and negative flap settings.
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LS8-18 B21
Wolfgang Piper (instruments by B21)
Updated instruments for FSX
This is based on the truly excellent original freeware model by Wolfgang Piper, with the most comprehensive FSX gliding instrument set to date.
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Peter Franke, Kris Feldmann (instruments by B21)
Updated instruments for FSX, accurate flight profile
The glider model was originally produced for FS2002, but has been updated for FSX to include 'pure' XML instruments (click on the glider image to the right to see the overview page) and the flight model has been replaced with an accurate L/D ratio.
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Bert de Bruin, Peter Luerkins, Ian Forster-Lewis
Updated instruments for FSX, accurate flight profile
This is an upgrade of the stock FSX DG808S glider, updating the aerodynamics of the glider and its instruments.
The package also includes the "Mifflin Soaring 2008 Nationals Day 1" mission which uses this updated glider.
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Gauges, panels, other miscellaneous

Summary link to original download cache copy on this site
NETTO vario
This download installs a pure XML NETTO vario for use in the DG808S or similar.
This calculates the vertical air movement around the aircraft by means of a total-energy calculation and then adding back in a computed sink value taken from the polar of the glider.
Total energy vario
Wolfgang Piper This download installs a pure XML total-energy vario for use in any glider, and includes an updated 'panel.cfg' for the stock DG808S to use this vario. The zip includes instructions on setting the DG808S Camrbidge vario (lower left) to read 'Ambient Wind Y', useful if you are developing missions containing ridge lift.
Total energy vario and panel update for DG808S