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The SOAR DG808S updates the original Microsoft model for FSX with new instruments, sounds, and a more accurate flight model. DOWNLOAD HERE

The update was a team effort by members of

The instruments in the SOAR DG808S have been modified from the Microsoft original.

1. Airspeed Indication

no change

2. Winter Variometer

displays 'Total Energy' lift/sink, rather than vertical climb. CumulusX *also* provides this calculation so if you have that there's little change. The basic principle is simple - add or subtract a 'compensating value' to the displayed climb/sink rate if you are accelerating or decelerating. This has the effect of cancelling out 'stick thermals' based purely on the pilot pushing or pulling on the stick. At a steady speed, the TE vario reading is *identical* to the uncompensated 'vertical climb' reading. Further information on the total energy calculation can be found on the Wikipedia here. The tiny red needle you might have noticed is a backup display of the FSX 'variometer rate' - if you have CumulusX running this will display pretty much the same as the main TE needle, but if not you'll see it swing wildly as FSX just uses pure vertical climb.

3. 'Cambridge' LCD Variometer

this has major changes:

4. Altimeter

change except it is moved to this position, swapped with the Winter vario.

Additional features

This update to the Microsoft DG808S includes the TrimWizard utility, which adjusts your trim setting instantly to the current position of the joystick when you apply the brakes (defaulting to the 'trigger' position on the joystick).


3D glider and cockpit model by Microsoft/Aces Studio.

FSX XML instruments by Ian Forster-Lewis.

Flight model by Peter Luerkens, Ian Forster-Lewis, Bert de Bruin.

TrimWizard by Peter Luerkens.

(apologies to anyone omitted - these things are very collaborative and lots of people contribute, including testing.