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Gliders - current recommended gliders for X-Plane, including the ASK21_B21 and ASG29_B21.

General Info

X-Plane.org Forums

X-Plane Gliders Facebook group (requires Facebook account). Ably supported by Nodd, promotes multi-player soaring in X-Plane.

The new Gliding in X-Plane Forums created in June 2019. With a bit of luck this will build collaboration for soaring in X-Plane.

The basic thread on X-Plane Forums

Reference info

Library of useful manuals on X-Plane usage and developemnt

Introductory video from Nodd:

Info for Developers

The official X-Plane developers website includes manuals and tutorials.

X-Plane Plugin SDK reference data, for when you reach the scary edges of your Lua development.

X-Plane.org Dev Forum

Programming X-Plane with Lua