Flight Simulator Soaring

A compilation of information, add-ons and utilities supporting gliding in flight simulators, incuding Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, X-Plane and FSX.

Content specific to each sim (as opposed to more general info re sim soaring) can be found here:

More general information:

  1. Thermals
  2. Ridge lift
  3. Soaring Instruments, particularly the Variometer
  4. The glider polar
  5. Flight models - getting the handling and performance accurate
  6. Launching, e.g. winch and aerotow.
  7. Competition tasks and flight planning - i.e. packaged routes and weather for timed races.
  8. Logging and analysis, i.e. flight recording and scoring tasks.
  9. Scenery, e.g. nicely rendered gliding airfields
  10. External apps, e.g. flight planning, soaring calculator.