Soaring with X-Plane

This site represents a work-in-progress on improvement in soaring in X-Plane, starting in 2019.

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Introductory video from Nodd:

More detailed info on X-Plane areas important for soaring:

Here is a list of things required for a good sim soaring experience, and info on where we're at:

  1. Gliders - current recommended gliders for X-Plane, including the ASK21_B21 and ASG29_B21.
  2. Forums, i.e. how do sim soaring pilots exchange info.
  3. Thermals
  4. Ridge lift
  5. Instruments
  6. Flight models - getting the handling and performance accurate
  7. Launching, e.g. winch and aerotow.
  8. Competition tasks and flight planning - i.e. packaged routes and weather for timed races.
  9. Logging and analysis, i.e. flight recording and scoring tasks.
  10. Scenery, e.g. nicely rendered gliding airfields
  11. External apps, e.g. flight planning, soaring calculator.

General Info Forums

Library of useful manuals on X-Plane usage and developemnt

Info for Developers

The official X-Plane developers website includes manuals and tutorials.

X-Plane Plugin SDK reference data, for when you reach the scary edges of your Lua development. Dev Forum

Programming X-Plane with Lua

Soaring Instruments

The glider polar

Variometers overview This explains the range of variometers from the minimal rate-of-climb indicator through to the simple-to-view but complex-to-program variometers that compute the apparent 'net' movement of the airmass (by using the airspeed and expected sink rate to subtract the movement of the aircraft) and also variometers that advise you to 'speed up' or 'slow down'.

Ridge Lift

Technical guide to implementing ridge lift in any flight simulator

.. more coming soon

See also Soaring with Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX